Up Gloves is a site that came into existence to help consumers make the right decisions about gloves. In our research, we have established that there are more than 300,000 hand injuries every year.

These injuries can easily be averted with the right pair of glove. We are committed to ensuring that your hands are protected with the right pair of glove. This is the only way that you are assured of living life to the fullest.

The sole objective of our company is to provide authentic and comprehensive glove buyer guides and reviews.

Jeff and Wayne are fully responsible for this site and they are great friends. They are dedicated and have been working together for a while.

It is their objective to review and compare all types of gloves and ultimately be able to make an informed decision. They each have different areas of expertise, which are combined to make this site a success.


Besides owning a couple of pairs of gloves, Jeff is passionate about his work. With great experience in selling gloves, he has mastered the different types of gloves that are on the market.

He is always keen to establish the latest trends in the market and ensures that customers are making the right decisions and getting value for their money. You will always get amazing tips from Jeff and following his advice will make you an expert in buying gloves.

Jeff goes an extra mile to ensure that each of the gloves that are compared and reviewed is tested. In most cases, he will test the gloves by himself so as to form a professional opinion. This is the reason why the glove reviews on Up Glove are authentic and can be trusted as they are backed up with real proof.


Wayne brings his fair share of experience as well to Up Glove. He used to be a glove manufacturer when he started out. Out of his experience, he can easily tell which a good glove is and which one is not.

He has created all types of gloves and has in-depth knowledge of how each specific glove needs to be. He has a keen eye and attention to detail and will go beyond the normal and look out for things that other people may not see.

As a result of his experience, he shares his knowledge through buyer guides and you will be able to know what to look for when shopping for gloves. With the understanding that there are different types of gloves, Wayne is dedicated to providing buyer guides for each major category of gloves.

This has made most consumers be informed and knowledgeable and can easily pick the best glove to serve their specific needs. Wayne has gloves for all manner of activities and uses.